Muddy Stuff Body Works

A shea butter skin moisturizer company that prides itself on healthy organic body products. The company is youthful, hip, and fun to work with. A light hearted atmosphere surrounds the product line as well as the customers who support this brand.

This was my opportunity to:

  • Create an exciting brand experience for their loyal customer base. 
    The company needed a logo and brand for their new skin moisturizing product.
  • Create a logo for package and labeling.
    The circular logo and the rectangle logo each have their respective brand attributes depending on where it is used.
  • Create a CRM platform to sell products online.
    The company had no online presence. Here was my opportunity to create a CRM platform to give an online shopping experience. 
  • Develop social media.
    Created and took over the Facebook and Instagram social media for the 1st year.

Project Info

Color Scheme

Package & Labeling

These are product renders that represent the actual product. They utilize both versions of the logo according to the container shape.
Lip Balm
Beard Balm
Body Oil

Swag Apparel

Apparel for the brand is a must have. The sales employees enjoy representing the company and the Muddy Stuff brand. 
Muddy Cap
Muddy Sweat Shirt
Muddy TShirt

Project Assets

Branding leaves a memorable impression on the customer base and also leaves a great impression for new customers.
Muddy Stuff Van
Muddy Shopping Bag
Store Front Sign

Muddy Shipping Box

4" x 4" x 4" Corrugated Packaging

Flat shipping box

Front of shipping box

Back of shipping box

Web/Social & CRM

The online presence for Muddy Stuff keeps their customers up to date on important information as well as promotional products. 
Shopify Online Store

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