Muddy Stuff Body Works: Brand Identity

One of the primary functions of a logo is to identify – and in a world saturated with brands, this is increasingly challenging. That’s why I love logo’s which tie into a brands unique story, and that was certainly the case with the brand identity and logo I developed for Muddy Stuff Body Works, LLC; a skin moisturizer company located in New Jersey.


Muddy Stuff Body Works, LLC
New Jersey, USA


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The Brand Story:

Muddy Stuff Body Works was created during the pandemic shut down of March 2020. The owner had a previous small time b2b/b2c shea butter business, but had to convert it an online retailer to reach more customers due to the pandemic.

As I’ve so often said, starting a project while getting to know a brand, it’s story, it’s strengths – and translating this into a sound strategy – is a crucial phase of the brand identity process. Great ideas and concepts naturally developed because I was able to spend a reasonable amount of time with the owner discussing the research and strategy beforehand.

The company was online and running at full capacity on June 1, 2020. What I enjoyed aside from creating the brand was designing the eCommerce system on Shopify because it was my first opportunity to set up and work with a CRM system.

Just Keep The Piggy

With no real logo or product branding to work with, I was given full control over the look and feel after understanding the company brief. No matter what I chose, I had to keep the idea of the piggy.

Pigs love a good mud bath. They use it as a sunscreen to make an artificial barrier against the sun's rays. The mud also protects the pig's skin from insects that can damage the pig's sensitive skin.

Shea butter does just this for our skin. It moisturizes the skin as well as protect and replenish it's appearance. It goes on smooth and melts into the skin.

Choosing The Font

I also explored various combinations of type styles, wanting to create a logo that looked modern, but played on playful elements, particularly treating the word ‘Muddy Stuff’ in a fitting font called Mouth Breather BB and pairing it with Courier New. Finally, color palettes were explored, with the goal of softening the brand a little (as we felt it needed this to align correctly with the target audience), and this worked very nicely indeed; a three color brown combination to go along with it's white container.


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