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The Martial Arts Xperience is a newcomer to the martial arts magazine industry. The magazine has an easy to follow interview format and gives the reader the inside scoop to the "who's who" of martial arts inside and outside of their movie and sport careers. The Martial Arts Xperience magazine is also an online podcast. 

This was my opportunity to:

  • Make a new logo for the brand.
    Being that this was a new startup magazine, I was tasked with coming up with a better logo than the one that was paid for by a Fivver designer which used a stock vector image logo slap.
  • Create a new magazine.
    The reader base is for males and females ages 30 - 65. This age demographic represents people who were born between the late 1950's when martial arts in the USA had just arrived on the mainland by US soldiers (who also trained while being stationed in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam) and those of the early 1990's who were students of these men and women.

New Magazine

The Martial Arts Xperience Magazine features the cast of the Karate Kid movie franchise as well as the new Cobra Kai Netflix.
Martial Arts Xperience Logo
Martial Arts Xperience Issue I
Martial Arts Xperience Issue II

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Book Signing Event
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