Action Martial Arts Magazine

A full color martial arts magazine with a world wide reader subscription. The client asked to rebrand this late 90's magazine from the ground up to give it a new and improved look. 

This was my opportunity to:

  • Make a new logo for the brand.
    The old logo was very dated and does not stand up to the logo esthetics of today.
  • Give the magazine a complete design overhaul.
    From the use of grids and alignment, to font and color, the magazine will compete with today's magazine standards.
  • Create brand merchandise.
    Go a step further to promotional giveaways such as mouse pads, calendars, pens, t-shirts, and more.

Old Magazine

The former magazine is dated and does not have a timeless design. The cover uses no grid system and the layout is visually questionable. 
Old Logo
Old Magazine Cover
Old Layout

New Magazine

The logo uses a solid color. The cover is in alignment. The layout uses a grid system.
New Action Logo
New Action Cover
New Page Layout

Action Assets

These new additions to the brand help increase brand recognition.
Action Magazine Mug
Business Card
Step Repeat Banner

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